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Group Discounts

Planning your wedding and need kilt outfits?

We can provide you with complate kilt outfits for special occasions for you and your guests, simply contact us for an estiamte cost for kilt range manufacturing and delivery.

Arranging or going for a 'stag do'?

We have the right type of kilt for that! We have had many Stag parties using our Best Value Kilts as a great selection for the occasion, let us know your sizes, tartans and quantities and we will take of it for you.

Touring Scotland in Group?

Why not wear a kilt! If you plan to visit and cross Scotland to explore our lands experience our tastes and style of life as we do, and take home a great life time gift, explore our full range of items across our shop we can ship it to your UK destination (Hotel) or anywhere you are coming from in the world.

Become a wholeseller with us!

We are open to opportunities to link relations and help you expand your business, contact us for more information.

How to order?

Best Kilts is dedicated to fulfil all your goups needs, simply contact us on 0131 202 6899 or send us an email to enquiries@bestkilts.com with your tartan, sizes, accessories choices to crate your order, alternatively you may add all items to the cart that you wish to have a quote for, and by adding a value above the quote specified value (£500) you will then be able to register and save it for 7 days as a quote under your account for aproval, once the quote has been revised and updated for best rates we will then send you instructions for payment to be made from your account .

For group purchases, bulk order, Wholesale customers we can offer you a generous discount depending your order quantity.

Group Discounts and Offers provided does not qualify for Paypal and Credit Card payment method, bank trasnfer and debit payments accepected only.