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Who's to blame Seller or Mail Services?


In the past few year it has been the most talk about of all day internally in companies and between customers and customer service, Who's to blame for item delivery?

a. Seller

b. Mail Services

c. Believe it or not "Customer"


The Issue

Customers often would call directly the company where the purchase is made from to enquire time and location of their contents that they have not received.

The Thinking

Well, apparently it may depend in how each company takes their measures against delivery delays and liability, today the cost in delivery services is almost a rip off to companies so most companies adopt the cheapest services known as "Standard Services" which are in fact non traceable, this leaves seller at gable if it will reach the customer and even if does will they be faithful to say that they really received it? questions right!

The Mail Services

They are big companies with a huge responsibility of carrying goods across the globe to customers from business or people, automated services are their big investment as the demand for shipping grows and customers always wants the best and they want it delivered fast although services are also increasing in price in demands as such, leaving "Standard Services" as an old fashionable way of delivery. The offer of tracking services makes a great link between Business Sellers and the Mail Services allowing both to share real time information and distribute it to customers, also being able to give support directly to customers and business officials.

The Customer

Driven by confusion or lack of attention after placed an order many things can go unexpected, quite majority of users expect things to happen in the most swiftly ways but they end up missing contact methods or crucial information regarding their postal address leaving sellers and mail services with an extra responsibility when delivering it, often delivery dates are mistaken and not reached in time due wrong service choice.

Our Solution

On the process of placing an order customers should be aware of the described information of the chosen shipment and what benefits will it give, most sellers will provide similar alternatives with the same effect of delivery but using different carriers, make sure you choose wise companies amongst the most qualified for the duty.

We only use track services for all domestic and international deliveries, this gives us a handle of detailed information regarding whereabouts of the item in case the customer wants to know where and when it will be delivered, again good use of technology makes it possible, when a order is dispatch an immediate response from our systems is manually sent to the customer via email to alert them that the item has been posted and its available to be traceable from within the response or by log in to your newly crated account and clicking on the respective order options, together with each shipment we assign customer email or phone number for constant updates to alert delivery statuses.   


Since it all progresses in the world our company is constantly researching better ways to display clean information regarding shipment services together with fastest and most reliable alternative ways to get what you want, we want you to have the easiest way to get what you need without a fuzz and we would like to encourage every customer to take a moment to analyse the context of this article and have it used as a guide for a more efficient way of online shopping and we hope to surprise you again with quality service.





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